Vitamin B12

What is B12?

B12 is a naturally occurring vitamin found in animal products, including meat, eggs, and dairy. B12 plays an important role in the functioning of the circulatory and nervous systems. Vitamin B12 also plays a critical role in red blood cell production and provides energy for the brain to function smoothly.

Benefits of B12 Injections:

Vitamin B12 is available in several forms, including pills, skin patches, and injections. Injections are highly recommended since they provide absolute assurance that the vitamin will be directly absorbed and used by the body.

Increase energy

Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. A renewed proper level of B12 will make you feel noticeably more energetic.

Prevent of nerve damage

A B12 deficiency that has been left untreated for an extended period can cause permanent nerve damage. Vitamin B12 is involved in the synthesis and repair of an important protective layer of your central nervous system called the myelin sheath.

Optimize hormones

Vitamin B12 stabilizes the cell membranes that surround every cell in the human body. Hormones can’t easily enter the cells if B12 is too low.

Enhance cognitive abilities

Vitamin B12 deficiency is often associated with cognitive deficits.

Avoid anemia

If you are deficient in B12, your body can’t create enough red blood cells, and you become anemic.

Lose weight

B12 helps the body to metabolize fat, which is extremely helpful during the weight loss process.

Reduce cardiac risk

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the circulatory system. It reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.


What is Glutathione?

The “mother of anti-oxidants.” It’s a protein compound that is synthesized in the body and is crucial to maintaining good health by regenerating immune cells. Glutathione is produced in the liver but is found within the human body in the bloodstream, intestines, and lungs. As a powerful antioxidant, glutathione helps the body to fight off the negative influence of pollution that reaches us through air, water, and even our food.

Benefits of Glutathione Injections:

  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Neutralizes harmful free radicals
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Builds and repairs tissues
  • Breaks down oxidized fats
  • Prevents acne and wrinkles
  • Helps treat cancers
  • Prevents damaged tissue in the brain
  • Reverses liver damage
  • Balances skin tone
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